Motivated Staffing

Young, vulnerable & new workers:

Young workers: Our newest and most inexperience workers (ages 14 to 24) can face a daunting task – successfully integrating into a new environment, exceeding their employers ‘and co-workers’ expectations and learning how to properly protect themselves from injury.

Vulnerable workers: Immigrants, migrants, and other disadvantaged workers face unique challenges; they are often unaware of their rights and potentially face communication or cultural challenges, placing them at higher risk for injury.

New workers: Those who are the job for less than 6 months or are assigned to a new job.

Young, vulnerable & new workers in Ontario are 4 times more likely to be injured on the job during the first month of employment than at any other time.

Employers must: Provide information and instruction to workers on how to protect their health & safety in the workplace.

Take every reasonable precaution to protect workers

Ensure workers meet min. age requirements

Ensure all equipment, materials, and protective devices are well maintained & used per mfg. instructions

Ensure workers receive appropriate training, supervision & PPE

Prepare & review Health & Safety Policy, prepare & maintain a program implementing the policy


Clients: Provide a site specific orientation, reporting procedures, introduction to H & S rep., orientation to worksite and duties prior to start of work. Identify any potential hazards and the controls taken to ensure the Health & Safety of all workers.

Be aware of potential hazards

Be trained in safe practices & procedures

Work in compliance with OHSA

Report any known workplace hazards or contraventions of the OHSA to your supervisor & MSI consultant

Be aware of your rights! Rights to Know, to Participate, to Refuse unsafe work