Motivated Staffing

WOW! Testimonials

At MSI, we love it when a plan comes together.

“I am so grateful to have found your agency. Thank-You so much for finding me the perfect fit. I will recommend your agency to anyone I know.Kind Regards” KA

“Thank you so much for the plant. What a delightful surprise when Mel arrived at the office today. Especially that it is a money plant – how appropriate!!I am having a really good time with people at my placement – I hope they like me as much as I like them. It’s extremely busy and my days are full and I expect to be into a routine in short order. My manager and the rest of the team are delightful to work with and for. Thank you again for this opportunity … and for the good wishes” PR

“Thank you so very much for the beautiful plant arrangement! That was so kind and very generous of you-I was absolutely flabbergasted when I was called down to the reception area only to be greeted by your daughter with the lovely arrangement. I am really enjoying work. The culture is so different from my previous job and I still can’t believe that the President pops by everyday to say hello! Going from Manufacturing to Construction is quite the challenge but I am loving it and my boss is a hoot! Anyway sorry to ramble on but thank you again not just for the arrangement but also for landing me a great job with a dynamic company where I have the opportunity to do meaningful work and experience real job satisfaction. All the best” LM

” I would just like to thank you again for meeting with me on Wednesday. I appreciate the opportunity I had of discussing my credentials and potential work possibilities. I hope to be able to represent your company in the future. You and your staff were welcoming and made the process comfortable and uncomplicated. I have previously experienced different types of employment services and am firm that this is the type of company that I want to be a part of. I would also like to thank you for the lead regarding “Caledon Community Services”. I will be available Monday afternoon in Bolton and will visit their office. I have already looked into their website and have retrieved some valuable information.Wishing you and your company a good weekend. Sincerely” CS

” I’m just getting in touch with you to see if we can source something new for me as the end of my term is up at my current placement. I’m very sad to leave this company as I thoroughly enjoyed working here and loved the people I worked with. “ TF

“I wanted to let you know that I am enjoying my placement… the people I work with are great, the place is great and the boss spoils me!” KD “I just wanted to let you know how comfortable I am with my current position and I hope to be hired on permanently with your client” EC

An expanding company found… “Our partnership with MSI has assisted us to meet the demands of the strong market generated by our innovative recycling program.”

A local client, a valued addition to our Caledon community has recently opened a state of the art facility servicing the construction industry. “Thanks MSI for supplying our executive assistant, now an integral part of our team.”

Long time local business, a pillar of our community, has grown to over 150 employees in 3 plants across North America. “MSI sustains us in our growth, & competently meets our demands for casual and permanent staffing. We believe in supporting those in our community & MSI gives us the best in service & stands behind their work.”

Kim was relocating back to Bolton. “MSI found me a great new career so quickly I never missed a pay cheque. What a relief. I have never encountered more personable people.”

Tanya, “Here is last week’s time sheet. Just to let you know, I am having a great time with this job. Thank you very much for the opportunity, I really appreciate it. Have yourself a great week, and don’t forget to smile.” We have the greatest people working for us, smiles to you Tanya.

John, “As a recent university grad MSI helped me market my newly acquired computer skills. Thanks to them I have found a rewarding job in my field.”

Maria was downsized & tired of a long commute. “I met with MSI consultants and by the following Monday, I had a new career applying my executive skills within my home town. Thanks MSI for assisting me in making changes that have a positive impact on my life, family and friends.”

A small but growing company with one of its principals having had perhaps, the unusual experience of working previously as an employee of MSI and now using its services to help meet growing staff requirements of his own business. “With our prior ‘insider’ knowledge of MSI it was natural for us to turn to them for help when our staffing needs became at times overwhelming. Our experience ‘both ways’ has been excellent.”

A note from one of our amazing former employees… ‘I just want to thank you guys, you gave me my first job in Canada and I’m thankful to Dave for giving me the opportunity. I would also like to thank Mel for being very supportive and helpful to me while I was employed with MSI. MSI will always be remembered by me.’ S.K

A note from a newly hired on employee: Hey Sam, I just want to say thank you for finding me this job, it’s been life changing! You guys are definitely the best in the business and I just wanted to say I appreciate you guys. All the best in the future! M.D