Motivated Staffing

Workplace Violence, Harassment & Domestic Violence

Controlling Workplace Violence or Harassment:

  • Any violence in the workplace must be immediately addressed.
  • If you can safely do so, keep the involved parties calm. Be courteous & patient.
  • Listen attentively, maintain a quiet tone of voice, and maintain eye contact.
  • Attempt to avoid arguing or making statements that might intensify the individual’s angry/hostile demeanor.
  • Secure your own safety, do not risk harm to yourself or others.

Summoning Immediate Assistance for actual or potential Workplace Violence or Harassment:

  • Supervisor should be immediately informed of the incident.
  • In an emergency situation secure your own safety, then signal a coworker or supervisor for help
  • Your supervisor will contact police (if required).
  • When convenient contact your consultant at MSI
  • Your supervisor will arrange immediate on-site medical assistance or transportation to professional medical help if required.