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Working on your feet…

Did you know…

That working on your feet all day long can cause health problems in the future? Here is some information on what problems can occur and how you can aid in preventing them.

Listed below are some of the health problems that may cause concern:

  • the most common symptom is fatigue and discomfort in the legs
  • low back pain
  • painful feet and other foot problems
  • plantar fasciitis and heel spurs
  • orthopedic changes in the feet (flat feet)
  • restricted blood flow (from standing)
  • swelling in the feet and legs
  • varicose veins
  • increased chance of arthritis in the knees and hips

What are some factors that can cause these problems?:

  • Joint Compression
  • Postural muscle fatigue
  • Insufficient venous blood return in the legs
  • Shock transmission from heel impact on the floor (from walking)

Suggestions for the workplace to help avoid facing these issues in the future:

  • Reduce the time standing or walking… if sitting is not an option for your job you can try shifting your balance from one foot to the next, putting one foot on a 6” stool and alternating legs or using s sit/stand stool.
  • Modify the floor surface… if you’re standing on concrete all day long it can cause you feet back and legs to pain, try putting some padding over the floor like an anti-fatigue mat.
  • Use insoles or orthotics.