Motivated Staffing

Safety Guidelines and Training

You’re Responsible!

Is your training current? Or is itTime to renew?

      As a worker, you must:

  • Follow the safety policies in your workplace, unless they put you in danger
  • Use safety equipment and follow safety procedures required for your job
  • Act in a safe and responsible way around dangerous equipment, materials, or situations
  • Tell your employer if you see anything that breaks the rules in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

As a worker YOU can prevent unsafe work!

  • Staying Alert: Ensure that you are well rested, tasks can be repetitive causing you to become easily distracted. Be sure to cover all safety requirements before operating a machine or completing a task
  • Being aware of your surroundings: Observe your co-workers and working area. Learn about particular hazards that occur in your workplace, it will help you reduce risks
  • Reducing workplace stress: Working long hours can affect your health if not managed properly. Start by taking care of your health and eating a healthy diet. Ensure you are taking regular breaks; if you do a lot of standing ensure you sit with good posture on breaks. It will be better for you to schedule your work accordingly and manage yourself to reduce work place stress
      If you have specific questions about your Responsibilities, Contact the Office of the Worker Adviser at (T) 1-800-435-8980