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Resume Tips

Always Proofread Your Resume

Of course, you want to use spell check, but that won’t catch every mistake. Have your resume proofread by a trusted colleague to make sure it is error-free. It pays to solicit feedback from as many people as possible to ensure protection. Make sure you check grammar and punctuality as well. A resume with just one typo could be a turning point in a hiring decision.

Include Accurate Information/Dates

Start at the beginning of your resume and make sure your contact information is correct. If your phone number is missing a digit or your email address is incorrect recruiters do not have time to look you up. Recruiters need to know precise dates of when and where you worked in the past. This helps to give a better understanding of your work history and is important for background checks. Missing information and dates could result in a discarded resume.

Resume Content

Your resume should be in chronological order, starting with your most recent position. Potential employers can see the value you bring to the table with an effective resume which provides a brief statement of job responsibilities followed by a list of accomplishments. Resumes should focus on work-related credentials, rather than including details about your personal life.

Resume Formatting

Keep your resume simple and in plain text. Fancy boxes and graphics may look nice on paper but if resumes are being scanned into specialized computer packages it will cause your resume to be rejected. Make sure your name and address are listed in that order at the top of your resume. If you decide to email your resume make sure you send it as an attachment, not in the body of your cover letter.

Resume Length

Typically your resume should be 2 pages in length, not including the brief cover letter.
Recruiters will admit that they don’t have time to read lengthy resumes. Make sure you focus on the skills and accomplishments that directly relate to the position you are applying for. Effective resumes have a cover letter that has an objective or summary that includes a clear job target. This enables hiring managers to understand your career goals and qualifications right from the start.


Contact your references in advance to assure they are willing and available to positively represent you.

Use Buzzwords

When preparing your resume the right words are essential to your success. Buzzwords are hot words associated with a specific industry, profession or job function.
Research to find the correct buzzwords that will help your resume get noticed in an electronic applicant search. It is important to use industry jargon, and keywords such as job titles (Project Manager, Production Planner) and education (BA, CGA, MBA)
Remember that you should know the definition behind the words to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and profession.

“Preparedness is a measure of performance”