Motivated Staffing

Progressive Discipline

MSI is intent on working with our staff to correct behaviour or performance that is negatively impacting on staff, supervisors, clients and/or the environment. MSI practices progressive discipline.

It is not our intention to punish the employee. If the correction can be accomplished by a friendly discussion with the employee, so much the better. Likewise, oral or written warnings are less costly & problematic than a suspension from work. The disciplinary step of last resort – termination- is the most costly & least positive or productive alternative of all.

Steps in Progressive Discipline include:

  • Verbal warning
  • Written warning
  • Suspension without pay
  • Termination for just cause

*** Note: MSI reserves the right to shorten this process due to the severity of the non-compliance.

Typical causes for disciplinary action:

Absenteeism, Tardiness
Leaving the work station, taking unassigned breaks
Insubordination, disloyalty
Being disrespectful of co-workers, supervisors
Using or possessing drugs or intoxicants
Damage to or loss of company property
Incompetence, low productivity
Horseplay, fighting, socializing, loafing, wasting time on the job
Refusal of job assignment, not actively participating in training
Gambling, dishonesty, theft
Not following safe work procedures, not wearing assigned PPE (personal protective equipment)
Not following policies, procedures, processes
Taking risks
Workers are responsible for their actions & must follow all company safety rules and government regulations

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