Motivated Staffing

Procedures for Reporting

Why report incidents: to maintain a safe work environment.

MSI encourages you to report any workplace accident, injury, illness, near miss, dangerous occurrence, hazard, contravention of the OHSA or incident of violence or harassment.

In all cases of accident, injury, illness:

1/ Get first aid right away

2/ Tell Your supervisor of any injury or the possible onset of a work-related disease/condition. As soon as possible contact MSI (remember MSI is your employer).

3/ The worker should also claim benefits if the injury causes him/her to:

Seek health care from professional health care providers (doctor, nurse, chiropractor, physiotherapist)
Be absent from regular work
Require modified duties at less than regular pay.
Require modified work at regular pay for more than seven calendar days after the date of accident.
Earn less than regular pay at regular work.

4/ How to claim WSIB benefits: Contact your consultant at MSI & they will help you with the appropriate WSIB forms.

5/ Choose a doctor or other qualified health professional. Do not change health professional without permission from WSIB.

6/ Cooperate in health care treatment.

7/ Cooperate in safe return to work.

8/ Complete and return all WSIB forms promptly.

9/ Report to WSIB any changes in income, return to work status or medical condition.

ESRTW – Early & Safe Return to Work:

While employed by MSI, we support an early & safe return to work program. This is a gradual return to work accommodating your functional abilities throughout the program. The employer, employee, health care provider & WSIB have legal rights & responsibilities throughout this program. We will make every effort to return you to work as soon as it is safe. It is your responsibility to participate fully in this program.
In all cases of near miss/incident/hazard or contravention of the Occupational Health & Safety Act:

Near miss/incident/ hazard: the occurrence of a dangerous or potentially dangerous event
Contravention of the act: any actions that do not comply with the regulations of the OHSA

1/ If you encounter any of the above immediately notify your supervisor. Your supervisor will review your concerns with you & will help to control any risks. If you feel in danger you do have the Right to Refuse to Work (see section on Employee Rights).

2/ When convenient call your consultant @ MSI.

3/ Once MSI has your full report, an investigation will be initiated with management at the worksite. We will create an action plan to ensure the same does not re-occur. Your consultant @ MSI will follow up with you.

In all cases of actual or potential Workplace Violence/Harassment:

Immediately inform your supervisor. The onsite Supervisor will initiate appropriate actions & an investigation. Share your observations & actions taken. Document asap. Note names of witnesses & participants. Signed notes are valuable in investigating the incident & taking corrective actions.

When convenient please call MSI to report the incident. MSI will complete a “Workplace Violence/Harassment form” with you and with the Client supervisor. MSI will review the process for investigating the issue & the actions taken.

Any questions on this process call MSI @ 905-951-6300.

~~~ Safe work practices benefit us all. ~~~