Motivated Staffing

Machine Safety

Did you know…

In Ontario today people are still becoming injured and sick as a result of hazards around machinery and equipment in all industries?

Below are some Safety Procedures and Practices that can aid in reducing injuries:

Proper lockout procedures:
Use lockout procedures before service, maintenance, or repair jobs on machines/equipment.

Job/task standard operating procedures:
Safe work steps to check, set up machines, start and finish job or task.

Inspection and maintenance:
For the machinery, guards, and your entire work area, regularly and often.

Emergency preparation and regular drills:
To be prepared and able to respond effectively to minimize loss.

Human factor planning:
To allow you regular relief and change from repetitive tasks on production lines, to avoid fatigue, strains, sprains, and other injuries or accidents through regular breaks and task variety.

WHMIS and chemical health and safety, inspecting your workplace and housekeeping, emergency response.