Motivated Staffing

Interview Tips

A job interview is an intimidating process, and even the most self-confident, outgoing, and friendly person can easily give the impression of being incompetent and tongue-tied. The best solution to this common problem is to come to the interview prepared, knowing exactly what to expect.

Be Punctual

Make sure you have detailed directions to the interview location. Always arrive early for your interview, this shows that you are organized and appreciate the time allotted to you for the interview. Nothing stresses “unreliable” more than when a candidate shows up late for an interview.

Sell Yourself

Learn how to comfortably manage and control your interviews. Interviews are the time to sell what you have accomplished, not simply to tell what you’ve done. Answer questions calmly and with confidence. Make sure you express yourself clearly. Ask Questions – this enables you to break down the formal interview/candidate relationship, establish an easy flow of conversation, and build trust and rapport. Most finalists for a job are more or less evenly matched in terms of qualifications. What gives the winning candidate the edge is rapport.

Be Prepared

Bring a fresh copy of your resume and references to the interview. Make sure you know your resume inside and out. Practice and be able to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments (in your own words) for each position on your resume. Anticipate top questions you may be asked. At the end of the interview have a few well considered questions to ask the interviewer. Questions show interest and the ability to engage.
Also part of being prepared for an interview includes dressing appropriately. Gauge your attire on the position for which you are applying.

Turn Every Negative into a Positive

If the interviewer asks you a question about your experience in a certain area and you have none, use related experiences to illustrate you have some relevant knowledge. For example, if you have no Excel spreadsheet experience let the interviewer know that you have advanced Lotus spreadsheet experience, therefore getting a handle on Excel won’t take any time at all.

Big to Little

Focus your thoughts on your greatest accomplishments when going through an interview. Highlight your specific achievements and projects that are directly related to the position.

Take the Initiative

When nearing the end of the interview and you have wanted to share a certain experience that is relevant to the position, make sure you introduce it into the conversation. You must take the initiative during the interview to communicate all that is of value.

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me”