Motivated Staffing

Health & Safety

At MSI, we are committed to make every effort to protect your health and safety.

As President and Vice President, we give you our personal commitment that we will comply with our duties under the Act, take every reasonable precaution for the projection of workers, to prevent occupational illness and injury in the workplace. Protection of workers is a major continuing objective. Our goal is to provide a zero-incident culture. We ask you to join us in this resolve.

As employer and senior manager of MSI we are responsible to implement and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. MSI will endeavour to provide safe and healthy work conditions in your assigned work areas.

With Health and Safety Regulations continually changing, especially with the world in crisis due to the virus, Covid-19, we will do everything within our power to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all our employees by adhering to new regulations, maintain effective training, and always providing safety practices and procedures to all employees.

Supervisors will be held responsible for the health and safety of workers under their supervision. Supervisors are subject to various duties in the workplace, including the duty to ensure that machinery and equipment are safe and that workers work in compliance with established safe work practices and procedures.

Every worker is responsible to protect his or her own health and safety by working in compliance with the law and with Safe Work Practices/Procedures established by the employer. Workers will receive information, training and competent supervision in their specific work tasks to protect their health and safety.

Every employee including contractors and sub-contractors must comply with the Safe Work Procedures/ Practices and are required to report any incidents/ injuries/ property damage immediately.

We are all responsible to prevent illness, injury or property damage and to work safely. It is in the best interest of all parties to consider Health and Safety in every activity. The minimum standards are set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, and all other applicable legislation in the province and the safe working procedures outlined by MSI for your placement .We ask that all of us work together to conform to safe standards, our common commitment to Health and safety is an integral part of MSI.