Motivated Staffing

Make the Right Impression

First day on the job:  Impress from your first moments – plan in advance to ensure you arrive at work early, clean, dressed appropriately and with a pleasant attitude. Ensure you know about your new company. Understand the expectations for conduct in your workplace. A positive first impression is a great basis for growth and success!

Introductions: Impress with your manner, eye contact, smile & greet your new colleagues. Address them directly & remember their names (write them down if need be).

Team Player: Show enthusiasm for joining the team/company.  Work with your colleagues to solve problems, set directions, and get the job done. When receiving praise for a job well done, share that praise with the team. Help out others. Step up to the plate.

Orientation: Actively participate in training. Ask questions when you don’t understand. Show you are willing to learn. Focus on co-operating, learning & listening! If you have a legitimate contribution, add it but do not steal center stage. You are new, Take notes.

Communication:  Express yourself clearly and coherently. Continue to develop your communication skills (verbal, written and technical). Do not swear, use slang or derogatory terms on the job. Help to build solutions, improve the quality and efficiency of the job. You are proving your value to the company!

On the job: Focus/dedicate yourself to the job. Don’t be distracted. Don’t waste company funds. Complete your tasks in a timely/ efficient manner. Competently complete all assigned tasks from beginning to end. Show initiative; look for opportunities to be trained on new tasks. Prove you have the ability to be flexible and adapt to new situations and technology.  Through adapting to change  we learn. Show willingness to assist others. Everyone likes to work with a co-operative person

Work safe: Follow policies, procedures and processes. If you notice anything that is of concern, bring it to the attention of your supervisor. Use all appropriate safety measures. Don’t take risks

Growth: Keep your skills current. Practice lifelong learning. Focus on excellence. Expect the best of yourself and you will achieve success.

Good attendance: Be reliable. Maintain a low absenteeism rate. There are occasional emergencies, but it’s important to show that you can be relied upon. When it is necessary to be absent, report in advance to ensure proper coverage for the company. This shows that you understand the work of the organization suffers when you are absent. Always work full days. Take only assigned breaks.  Start early & be willing to stay a little later as needed. Don’t bolt out the door!

Personal issues: Don’t bring your issues from home to the job. Keep your personal business to a minimum. If you need to check email or make a call, do it on your break.

Company politics/gossip: Avoid getting involved in rumours. Take some time to see who can help you or hinder you in your position.  There are always trash talkers, take the high road and just don’t go there! Always be respectful of the company, colleagues and environment in which you are working.

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