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Stat Pay – Ontario Calculation

As of July 1 2018 the calculation for stat pay has been changed. The new formula is as follows:

Public holiday pay is calculated by adding together the wages from the 4 weeks prior to the holiday (including vacation pay) and dividing that number by 20… eg:

Week 1: $595
Week 2: $603
Week 3: $298
Week 4: $595
Total: $2091
$2091 / 20 = $104.55

In order to qualify for Stat pay the employee must work their scheduled shift prior to the holiday as well as their first scheduled shift after the holiday. Failing to do so (eg. calling in sick or just not showing to work) means that that employee is not entitled to be paid any Stat pay.

For more information please follow the link below to the Ontario Public Holiday Pay Calculator: