Motivated Staffing


“Carlos is doing a fine job and is a great addition to the team. A first class guy and a great recommendation on you part.”
………Carlos received accolades for his work as a Warehouse Manager & achieved perm status quickly. Congrats!

Terry, Sales Manager called to let us know that Cynthia is doing a great job. Cynthia was hired for inside sales contract to cover a maternity leave. She is so good at inside sales that she is actually more productive than their existing staff. It looks like we just can’t let her go. Let’s make arrangements to hire her permanently.
………Congrats to Cynthia for a job well done!

Rick, General Manager called. I need another Harris (an industrial mechanic placed with the company 1 month ago), if you can clone him the open position is for our field work throughout North America
……….Thanks Harris for representing MSI so well. Your attitude & performance has become a benchmark!

Dawna is working locally and very happy with her in shop position. She is finding she is being offered many learning opportunities. Dawna told Nicole to come to MSI for an interview if she wanted to get out of her rut & MSI would look after her.
………. Thanks Dawna for referring your friend to us & trusting in our expertise.
…. ….. Oh by the way, Nicole was placed in a position within 4 days.

Bruno, “Thanks MSI for supplying us with Maria our executive assistant, now an integral part of our team.” Maria over a short period of time has been given the added responsibilities of managing the office.
……….Maria’s work ethics are truly professional.