Motivated Staffing

Employee / Employer Responsibilities

Employee Responsibilities on the Job:

As a worker, you also have certain responsibilities when it comes to workplace safety.

  • Follow Safety Rules – Safety rules and regulations exist for everyone in every workplace. While your employer has to make sure you know what these are, you are responsible for following these rules. This includes wearing the proper safety equipment. When it comes to safety, there are no shortcuts.
  • Ask For Training – Your employer is responsible for making sure you have proper safety training, but your employer might not know if there are gaps in your training. If you feel you need more training to do a job safely, ask for it.
  • Report Incidents and Unsafe Work Conditions – You should report any incidents and unsafe work practices or conditions you see. For example, if you notice a frayed electrical power cord; notify your supervisor to fix it before an incident or fatality occurs. Also advise your MSI Consultant as soon as is convenient. As MSI Consultants are not with you on the job, we rely on you to let us know of any changes at the worksite. Advise us of anything that could prove hazardous to you or others (changes in you job duties, work site, equipment, procedures). We must all take every reasonable precaution necessary to prevent accidents.
  • Ask Questions – Everyone needs to have his or her tasks explained. Your employer should first explain your job duties, and then show you what to do. If you understand these tasks, you should be able to explain them back to your supervisor. Remember, if you don’t understand the instructions, ask questions. Understanding instructions means that you will have a much greater chance of doing the work properly and safely.

Employer Responsibilities:

  • Keep a safe & well-maintained workplace – take all reasonable precautions to protect your workers from illness & injury.
  • Provide Hazard Information – MSI provides hazard info at a generic level, the Client at the specific level.
  • Provide First Aid Training & First Aid Kits – MSI has trained staff in our office and First Aid kit at MSI reception and all Clients do also.
  • Post the WSIB “In Case of Injury at Work” Poster & Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) & “Health & Safety at Work: Prevention Starts Here” Poster – posted in MSI reception and at all Client worksites.
  • Have Worker Representative for Health & Safety – Workplaces with more than 5 & less than 20 must have a Health & Safety Representative. Workplaces with 20 or more workers with a designated substance must maintain a Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC). Ensure you know your rep.
  • Follow proper procedures in case of injury- details reviewed in section on Accident Reporting.