Motivated Staffing

Dual Responsibilities of MSI & Client as Employers

In temporary staffing arrangements, The Occupational Health & Safety Act recognizes both the staffing firm and client as employers of temporary help. There exists a dual or shared responsibility to ensure the health & safety of temporary employees: both parties have duties under the Act.

It is clearly the Agency’s responsibility and legal obligation to provide general orientation and training for employees and inspect the workplace prior to supplying labour. It is strongly recommended that a client facility tour be conducted prior to placing any workers to ensure understanding with respect to who will be responsible for the site-specific training, to ensure competent persons and to ensure the client has a Health & Safety program in place. Clients must ensure a full site specific orientation and task specific training in conducted. Clients are responsible for appropriate supervision on the job. Clients have a legal obligation to take every reasonable precaution to ensure workers are protected, failure to do so will result in heavy fines being imposed.